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The Art of Learning to Stay

The art of learning to stay is all about bravery. About recognizing your feelings and saying "maybe it wasn't love, I just thought it was." Or "you have hurt me and now I am choosing to walk away." Or "I feel so alone in this relationship." And learning to live with your flawed self. Not in spite or your mistakes, but because of your mistakes.

Through this collections of poems, I want to share with you the process of my learning to stay. Of not feeling the need to run away from a quiet Sunday afternoon because my thoughts would push me off the couch. Learning to stay is an art, really, and no art is ever conclusive or perfect. So, while I haven't figured it out one hundred percent, I feel like a get a little closer every day. But if my words and lessons learned can teach you something about your own life and experiences, then my work here is done.

You can purchase the book here.

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