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COVID-19 Work

During the pandemic, we put out a lot of great work to show the community, and especially first responders, we're there for them. I worked as translator and copywriter in the videos below.

Grandes y Valientes | Great and Brave

Es un orgullo para nosotros haber formado parte de la vida de tantos profesionales de la salud y personal de primeros auxilios. Y es nuestro honor servirles.

It is an honor to have been part of the lives of so many healthcare workers and first responders. And it's our honor to serve you.

Luces Encendidas | Lights On

En McDonald’s, nuestras luces están encendidas, nuestros Drive Thrus están abiertos, y los deliveries siguen saliendo, para servir a quienes nos necesitan.

At McDonald's, our lights are on, our Drive Thrus are open, and deliveries are still going out, to serve those who need us.

Todavía | Still

Es bueno saber que ciertas cosas no han cambiado. Todavía nos cuidamos los unos a los otros. Y todavía estamos aquí para tomar tu orden.

It's good to know some things haven't changed. We still take care of one another. And we're still here to take your order.

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